Morocco Desert Yoga AND Camel Trekking

Yoga in the desert is a way to bring body, spirit and soul into harmony. It is an opportunity to have more control over resolving everyday problems and health issues. A certain amount of life energy arises through the traditional physical exercise, breathing techniques and different forms of relaxation and meditation.
When you learn how to breathe correctly, the body and soul expands and you become more flexible. You can experience your own limitations and you can learn how to transform them.
We organize yoga events and intensive sessions for groups in the Erg Chigaga Dunes Mhamid in south of Morocco. Groups of 10 to 15 people over Package camel trekking to include nutritious meals, accommodation in nomad tents, tranquil surroundings and clean air. We promote the themes of love and respect for the earth in this idyllic location; a magical place home to nomadic ethnical groups and the gateway to the vast Saharan landscapes with its ancient customs and caravan routes.
The two most special times of the day are at dawn and dusk, we will be using this time to connect and practice yoga.
Days will be spent in silent meditation, group conversation, enjoying local customs and hospitality, good food and some local music.
Come and discover this mystical place and spend time reconnecting, rebalancing and sleeping under the amazing vista of the star filled sky.

Ps : for discover the magic of yoga in the desert you must choose your trip from our package camel trekking

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