All You Need To Know About Traveling To Morocco

here you may find the most commonly looked for information regarding various aspects of all morocco desert tours. If however you have any additional questions please.get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to answer them. You can also find general information on Moroccan culture, geography,desert, etc in our Morocco section,Should it be part of your travel plans in Morocco, we can also advise on bus / train travel and timetables.

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What can I expect while touring Morocco?
Travelling in a developing country such as Morocco can be a delightfully rewarding and challenging experience. African cultures have much to teach those of us who come from the modern world offering opportunities to combine enjoyment and understanding with learning new and ancient ways of living and survival.
how to plan your morocco trip?
Travel planning is all about two things: “where” and “how”. While you can change your plans on the go, it’s good to have some specific places and routes already in mind. But… just as important as deciding where to go is having the right knowledge and preparation to make the most of your adventure. All our tours are private and can start any day of the year for any number of days. EMAIL what you would like to do in Morocco, how many days you want to tour, as well as how many explorers will be in your group. We'll send a sample tour with trip ideas that match your requests and when you have decided on a tour, we will confirm the price in Morocco dirhams or Euros.
Where can I find out more about Morocco tours?
Browse sample tours. We have camel treks priced with 3, 4, and 5 days, and Marrakech day trips priced online. Private tours are priced individually depending upon how many people are travelling.
How can I pay for a tour?
We require a deposit to start the reservation process.Desert Vie accepts payment either by online transfer (fast) using our online payment system or PayPal, bank transfer (very slow) or by direct transfer via Western Union. We will provide you all payment informations once you decided to secure your booking. If you choose the bank transfer payment method, please note that you will be asked to send us by email a copy of the transfer receipt.
How can I change money in Morocco?
You can buy dirhams at foreign exchanges and banks outside Morocco but you should sell your dirhams back to the bank before you leave Morocco, (will be a lower rate than you bought them) because you cannot sell dirhams outside Morocco. There is no black money market in Morocco.
What clothing is appropriate in Morocco?
You can relax and wear whatever is familiar and comfortable on the street at home. Morocco is very tolerant and welcoming to visitors, you're not expected to act or look like a Moroccan.
What kind of vehicles do you use?
We use 4x4 vehicles like Toyota Land Cruisers, Mitsubishi, Nissan or similar for our private tours. Our 4x4's have lots of room and they seat 4 and 5 average sized people quite comfortably. All are within 5 years old and are routinely required to licensing and service checks through the Transport Touristic authority in Morocco.
What is the best season for travel in Morocco?
Morocco is perfect for travel all year long! Given the country’s geographic variety, there is always a region where the climate is mild. We can recommend the best destination for you based on the weather and your travel dates. In winter, you’ll want to head south to the desert. Nights can be chilly but during the day you’ll enjoy the sun and blue skies bereft of clouds. In summer, the Atlantic coast is generally balmy and it is the best season for treks in the Atlas. At over 1800m in altitude freshness is a safe bet! That being said, nothing is stopping you from discovering the Moroccan desert as long as you choose the right accommodation and can adapt to the heat.

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